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  • Вопрос 1 :
  • A month or so ago, (sorry, I don't know which HBD) someone commented that a Professional Brewmaster from Belgium told him that ____ should only be transferred by gentle means i.e.. gravity or special "low turbulence pumps" lest the final beer suffer from such abuse. As a proud owner/user of a March MDX powered brew setup, I sure would like to find out if this is a bunch of Bandini.
    1. worts
    2. wort
  • Вопрос 2 :
  • Athletes' use of herbal supplements has skyrocketed in the past two decades. At the top of the list of popular herbs are echinacea and ginseng, whereas garlic, St. John's ____, soybean, ephedra and others are also surging in popularity or have been historically prevalent.
    1. worts
    2. wort
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