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    1. noncorrected vision
    2. ...a vast octopian media-saturated vision of linked relays, chaos, volatility...
    3. And the picture's tints grew deeper, Redder, blacker, as I gazed, And my weak knees smote together, And my eyes grew dim and glazed, At the vision's spectred horrors From the graves of vengeance raised.
    4. Mr. Marshall’s vision was always tailor-made for a somewhat rare species in New York, the supersociable idealist.
    5. Her vision was poor in the unlasered eye.
    6. About midway in the short vista which my dreamy vision took in, one small circular island, profusely verdured, reposed upon the bosom of the stream.
    7. Huntsman starts out with a vision of Theron that’s specific, unique, and weighted in character, but it trends throughout toward generic fantasy tropes and black-and-white morality, and climaxes in a thoroughly familiar face-off.
    8. Vision was normal ad modum Donders.
    9. The film’s psychological journey leads to a shootout in an abandoned mining town, staged by Mann in multi-leveled, expressionistically distorted space that seems a universe away from the open plains and sharp horizon lines of Ford’s classical vision.
  • Примеры visions
    1. a man hagridden by the future, haunted by visions of an imminent heaven or hell upon earth - The Screwtape Letters, C. S. Lewis
    2. Did it really need a lengthy exploration of the ice cream business, replete with the smell of Belgian waffle cones and culminating in horror-film visions of deliquescent, multiflavored goo?
    3. And if perchance some fleeting memories steal, Like far-off echoes to my dreaming ear, Away, ungrasped, the cheating visions wheel, As spectres start upon the wing of fear.
    4. visions of a workfree society
    5. Back home, visions of boyfriendship danced through my head.
    6. That’s because the noun, by virtue of its use as a hyphenated compound adjective in middle-age spread, creates nail-nibbling self-doubt amid visions of muffin-top midriffs and the realization that paunchiness precludes raunchiness.
    7. Europe at the start of the 1990s was abuzz with organizational concepts and visions, and among these none had as much pride of place as the notion of "confederation."
    8. The visit to the old cemetery brought scary visions of spooks and ghosts.
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