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    1. Soon DuPont scientists realized that bioderived propanediol could also be used as an ingredient in cosmetics and products for de-icing aircraft.
    2. A fabricator is used to direct a sharp blow to the surface of the stone.
    3. A boilerplate spacecraft was used to test the rocket
    4. The Brabantians used to be known as rather reticent and stubborn, in contrast to their more open and louder Northern neighbors, i.e. the Dutch.
    5. The brokeback bridges in the hills sadden me: this place used to be beautiful.
    6. It is easy to invert a 2-by-2 matrix.  The room was about 4 foot by 6 foot.  The bricks used to build the wall measured 10 by 20 by 30 cm. ‎
    7. The combination of an electron-withdrawing (EWG) and an electrondonating substituent (EDG) on the carbenoid appears to be the crucial requirement for high diastereoselectivity and enantioselectivity when the rhodium(II) prolinate system is used.
    8. Rumor once had it that Larry Poons used a catapultlike device to hurl paint onto upright canvases.
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