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    1. 1991: He just didn't quite get his leg over. — Jonathan Agnew, BBC Test Match Special, describing Ian Botham treading on his stumps. Co-commentator Brian Johnston was reduced to a fit of on-air giggles at the (presumably unintentional) double-entendre with the slang sense above. Quoted in The Guinness Book of Cricket Blunders, Cris Freddi, Guinness Publishing, 1996, ISBN 0-85112-624-3, page 138.
    2. Now the play's an actors' nightmare as the disgruntled cast, mired in alcohol, jealousies, and rampant egotripping, fiendishly enact an unintentional farce within a farce, a complex mime show superimposed on the play itself.
    3. Review of systems was positive for unintentional weight gain of 13.5 kilograms in the last eight months, excessive fatigue, fever, difficulty focusing, one episode of painful oral ulcer on the roof of her mouth, change in the hair texture with nonscarring alopecia, shortness of breath with exertion, and constipation.
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