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    1. The other side of Rich, which helped balance him out, was that he loved going out and getting absolutely mullered, where he would totally lose the plot - Which I presume was a form of escapism from his carefully planned daily life.
    2. It's easy to prove partial correctness, but it's not obvious that it is also totally correct.
    3. He was totally smitten by the librarian.
    4. “One person is superstrict and unreasonable, another is just right and another is totally lax,” she wrote.
    5. From her point of view, sex itself, or sexual awareness, is the thief that stole away her innocence (which completes the picture of Thomas's totally thieving world).
    6. “All of a sudden it became totally unfinanceable —— no private office tenants, retailers pulling back, banks not lending,” he said.
    7. The minority party you’re emasculating today may be the majority tomorrow, and it’s better they not be totally unhousebroken.
    8. They referred to de Gaulle as a chienlit, a totally untranslatable term that suggests defecation in bed.
    9. I'm a veggie at heart - the idea of animals dying to make my food, I find totally abhorrent.
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