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    1. Still, though the people were thus unarmed, and therefore totally incapable of the least opposition, Argyle and Leslie spread their rebels, under the command of the adjutantgeneral Sir James Turner; whose vernility, added to-a certain species [ …]
    2. I had no idea what on earth you were on about when you started using those scientific terms. I was totally confused.
    3. After the big fight, the gang totally dissociated from each other.
    4. Our group totally ganked this guy.
    5. That girl totally messed me up, man. I'm not sure who I am anymore.
    6. 1993: They must let us alone here, we govern ourselves, we are by way of being totally autonomous. (The plethora of t’s there made his tongue titubate, but it was a brave show.) — Anthony Burgess, A Dead Man in Deptford
    7. The Seventy have totally miſrepreſented Iſaiah viii.14, 15 [ …] .
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