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  • Примеры substitute
    1. The substitute soon got wise to their particular tricks.
    2. It's a passable substitute, but it will never measure up to the original.
    3. The final started with £85m worth of striking talent on the bench as Carroll was a Liverpool substitute and Chelsea's Fernando Torres missed out on a starting place against his former club.
    4. What is left is pretty much McDonald’s — the restaurant of the masses, the great democratizer, the substitute for the community square, where it is possible to read or nurse a cheap cup of coffee for hours, or to nap after taking a daily methadone dose.
    5. Access to patient-specific retinal tissue requires an intraocular procedure, called a vitrectomy, followed by detachment of the retina, retinectomy, laser retinopexy and a vitreous substitute to provide a temporary tamponade.
  • Примеры substitutes
    1. The selection of James Milner ahead of Young was the product of muddled thinking and the absence of Peter Crouch - with 22 goals in 42 England appearances - from even the substitutes' bench was also a surprise.
    2. Oleg Blokhin's side lost the talismanic Andriy Shevchenko to the substitutes' bench because of a knee injury but still showed enough to put England through real turmoil in spells.
    3. Substitutes are only allowed onto the field after their boots are checked. ‎
    4. nonblood plasma substitutes
  • Примеры substituted
    1. Bio-materials may be substituted for petrochemical feedstocks as petroleum prices rise.
    2. Within the tropics, lime juice and sugar were made to suffice as antiscorbutics; on reaching a higher latitude, sour krout and vinegar were substituted; the essence of malt was reserved for the passage to New Holland, and for future occasions.
    3. Lescott gave his finest England performance alongside his former Everton team-mate Phil Jagielka, who also excelled despite playing with a fractured toe, while Parker was given a deserved standing ovation when he was substituted late on.
    4. I had no shallots so I substituted onion.
    5. He was playing poorly and was substituted after twenty minutes
    6. 4 heads treviso (radicchio may be substituted)
    7. The trouble starts when gender (identity) ceases to be a reference point for connecting with a living growing person and is substituted for the person hirself.
    8. Gas chromatography was performed using a Varian 3400CX chromatograph fitted with a WCOT fused silica capillary column of 100 m x 0.25 mm x 0.20 μm, coated with polar highly substituted cyanopropyl CP-SIL 88 phase, as described in detail [24 ].
  • Примеры substituting
    1. Finally, it should be the earnest wish and paramount aim of the military administration to win the confidence, respect, and affection of the inhabitants of the Philippines by assuring them in every possible way that full measure of individual rights and liberties which is the heritage of free peoples, and by proving to them that the mission of the United States is one of Benevolent Assimilation substituting the mild sway of justice and right for arbitrary rule." -- William McKinley, December 21, 1898
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