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    1. We are sitting with smiles for the camera near a plane in early daylight on a low stack of unfused thousand-pound bombs, waiting for the signal to start up for another mission [ …]
  • Примеры started up
    1. Miss Girzie at these words started up, and said, "Sir, sir, just a minute." "I can hear no more," cried I; "it is plain you intend to make a bargain with my friend...
    2. There was a difference in the decibel level of the crowd roar when the band started up a hit —— “Hey Nineteen,” “Peg,” “Black Friday” ——— as opposed to a nonhit, like “Show Biz Kids” or “Babylon Sisters.”
    3. She started up the stairs, changed her mind, and turned to go back down.
    4. He started up when he heard the scream.
    5. The four of them started up a law practice.
    6. The engine started up right away.
    7. They started up playing.
    8. After a postshot round of beers, the mechanical bull started up.
  • Примеры starting up
    1. John found that starting up his own business empowered him greatly in social situations.
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