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    1. Few languages have an inceptive aspect. In some that do, it is identical to the inchoative aspect. The inceptive aspect is often translated into English as "to start [doing something]".
    2. Press jump to start.
    3. Start with the leftmost one and work towards the right.
    4. Rodwell was sent off by referee Martin Atkinson - who has shown 15 red cards since the start of last season - after 23 minutes for what appeared to be a legitimate challenge on Suarez.
    5. You can start the vegetables cooking while you are lemoning the fish.
    6. So get the start of the majestic world,
    7. I met with them several times.  The government ministers met today to start the negotiations. ‎
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    1. The drug praziquantel, which costs only 32 cents per child, would prevent schistosomiasis, a worm disease that starts as a urinary tract infection but, untreated, can lead to female genital sores that make it easier for H.I.V. to enter.
    2. The programme about Greek architecture starts at 9:00 on Channel 4. ‎
    3. I'll have to buy some screening and fix the doors before mosquito season starts.
    4. If it starts getting misty, put your sidelights on.
    5. Our global society develops in fits and starts. ‎
    6. Australia Post has been accused of endangering staff with "sweatbox" uniforms and restricting earlier starts to save money.
    7. Please take out the trash before the whole house starts to smell. ‎
    8. “Then, when I throw my voice, when I speak as someone who's quite different from me, it starts to feel very authentic.”
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    1. Nintendo's Luigi character started out as a palette swap of Mario.
    2. Kaymer started with six straight pars before making a birdie on the seventh and an eagle on the eighth.
    3. It started as a hobby, but now my motorbike collection has become my passion.
    4. Entire countries started as penal colonies, such as French Guyana.
    5. We started at a brisk walk and ended at a plod.
    6. We started to laugh as t-rope pulled out a little pocketpussy and threw it at AJ.
    7. Alonso, who started second, beat pole-sitter Maldonado into the first corner and led through the first pit-stop period, after which he had a 3.4-second lead on lap 12.
    8. The motivational speaker started with a pratfall so he could speak about the importance of getting back up.
  • Примеры starting
    1. Government MP's sympathetic to the opposition's arguments are starting to break cover.
    2. My snake is starting to brumate.
    3. The glacier was starting to calve even as we watched.
    4. John found that starting up his own business empowered him greatly in social situations.
    5. He was arrested for fomenting a riot; after all, it's bad enough being in a riot but starting one is much worse.
    6. Take your choice; get out while the getting's good, or we'll boom Glad-hand by starting a Boot Hill right here." A Boot Hill! Grinch reflected.
    7. I didn't like this song at first, but now it's starting to grow on me.
    8. DELGADO OUT OF LINEUP The day after hyperextending his left knee as he tried to catch a foul ball, Carlos Delgado was held out of the starting lineup.
    9. You should listen for the starting gun. ‎
    10. He was starting to make his way in the world.
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