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    1. The denizens of that pub are of the roughest sort.
    2. Tenderness becomes me best, a sort of dyingness; you see that picture, Foible, — a swimmingness in the eyes; yes, I'll look so. — Congreve.
    3. Makes being an egofag / dramallama a sort of "risky" thing when you give a rat's ass about "protecting your online rep."
    4. Not intensely bloody decapitation, but the sort of violence you'd see in a fifteener.
    5. It all inspired me to write this sort of mini futurefic, a look at what might happen when what we once knew is gone.
    6. Better say naething about the laird, my man, and tell me instead, what sort of a chap ye are that are sae ready to cleik in with an auld gaberlunzie fiddler?
  • Примеры sorts
    1. My slightly pyromaniacal son is attracted to fires of all sorts.
    2. That is one slick bicycle: it has all sorts of features!
    3. That market stall sells all sorts of tacky ornaments. ‎
    4. The reason why the primrose was said to "die unmarried," is, according to Warton, because it grows in the shade uncherished or unseen by the sun, who was supposed to be in love with certain sorts of flowers.
    5. These two sorts of essences, I suppose, may not unfitly be termed, the one the REAL, the other NOMINAL ESSENCE. 16.
    6. There are pictures of the original “gollywogg” (thus spelt) from Florence Upton′s 19th century children′s books; there are examples of anti-semitic Edwardian gollies with huge noses, and all sorts of other curiosities.
    7. The table was covered with all sorts of tempting confections.
  • Примеры sorted
    1. For more than a week, the campaign seemed to be at a standstill while various courts sorted out challenges and counterchallenges.
    2. The continuous data were epoched into segments of 1500 ms (starting 500 ms before visual stimulus onset), time-locked to stimulus onset (0 ms) and sorted according to experimental conditions.
    3. Google came up with a red-black tree, a balanced binary search tree that has quite fast insert and delete operations and is always sorted.
    4. Let’s get everything sorted into the right drawers and not split hairs about subdividing it further yet.
    5. I have sorted out the problems and am now on top of the situation.
    6. You've been sitting there all week, it's time you sorted yourself out and pulled your finger out!
    7. They've already sorted out the students in group A, so we just need to worry about groups B and C.
    8. When transplanted in the liver parenchyma of partially hepatectomised mice, Liv2-sorted cells showed regional and heterogeneous engraftment in the injected lobe.
    9. For chimerism analysis of CD3+ cells from the thymectomized patient, cells were sorted using EazySep T cell Enrichment Kit (StemCell Technologies, Vancouver, BC, Canada) according to the manufacturer’s protocol.
  • Примеры sorting
    1. After hours of mind-numbing work sorting hundreds of nearly identical form, he needed to stop and do something else.
    2. The bottleneck in this computer program is the inefficient sorting process; we should replace it with a faster one.
    3. to dress leather or cloth;  to dress a garden;  to dress grain, by cleansing it;  in mining and metallurgy, to dress ores, by sorting and separating them
    4. On my first day in the office, I was tasked with sorting a pile of invoices.
    5. The numbers of codivergence and host shift events were always higher than duplication and sorting, regardless of different cost settings, signalling that these events are dominating the evolutionary history of the host-parasite system.
    6. Future investigators and managers will be responsible for sorting out the various anthropogenic and nonanthropogenic factors to determine the reason for any change in transparency.
    7. Moreover, ubiquitination has non-proteasomal functions during the internalization and postendocytic sorting of transmembrane proteins [36 ].
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