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    1. We plan to roll out the new version in September.
    2. Everything was going according to plan until we ran into the legal problems.
    3. I plan to scarf down the rest of this sandwich and get back to work.
    4. The committee seized upon the new plan at once. ‎
    5. Plan to set aside three or four hours to see the museum.
    6. Be sure to speak for a seat early, if you plan to attend.
    7. My plane leaves at 6:00 in the morning, so I plan to stay up until then and sleep on the plane.
    8. His plan did not take into account the possibility of rain.
    9. to talk over a matter or plan
  • Примеры plans
    1. They're indispensable for backpackers, campers and anyone else who plans to be away from a power outlet for a while; indeed, both the Solar and the Eco Player are ruggedly built, with rubberized nonscratchable surfaces.
    2. Apple's plans also represent a strong challenge for the BlackBerry range, which was, until now, the only realistic way of providing access to corporate email on the move.
    3. ( The thought-police were onto my plans of World domination. )
    4. optimistic plans
    5. The family had plans to attend the pentennial reunion. ‎
    6. I don't have any firm plans postcareer.
    7. Underground parking, private storage and daily housekeeping are offered as well, and the club’s concierge can assist with prearrival grocery shopping, spa reservations, dinner plans and golf tee times.
    8. She also called upon Congress to create a federal oversight agency to supervise quasigovernment retirement plans, “to ensure that they are carrying out their fiduciary duties.”
    9. The rain scotched his plans of going to the beach.
    10. Our plans for a picnic were thwarted by the thunderstorm. ‎
  • Примеры planned
    1. They had planned to open another shop downtown, but their plan had a few kinks.
    2. For those who have never navigated “Fairways,” as some longbeards call the original store — there are satellites in Harlem and Brooklyn and on Long Island, with another planned for New Jersey — it is a low-ceilinged warren under pitiless fluorescents.
    3. The architect planned the building for the client. ‎
    4. They jointly planned the project in phases, with good detail for the first month. ‎
    5. They planned for the worst, bringing lots of emergency supplies. ‎
    6. The decommissioned Hearn power plant is the city's top site to build a long-overdue, four-pad arena to anchor a planned sports complex on the eastern portlands, Toronto Mayor David Miller said yesterday.
    7. The public took to the streets to protest over the planned change to the law. ‎
    8. Her church group has planned an adoption shower. ‎
    9. The former superspook confided to me that he planned to challenge Baker to a lie-detector test on what was labeled “Debategate.”
    10. My family planned to take pictures from the ground as I overflew them in the hot air balloon.
  • Примеры planning
    1. Let's kick off this project with a planning meeting. ‎
    2. We're planning to recarpet the dining room.
    3. They are planning to shut down the entire building at the end of the month.
    4. the making of the film; the forging of the sword took several hours of planning, preparation, and metalwork
    5. We're planning on going on a trek up Kilimanjaro.
    6. A young law student, Sandra Fluke, came before this body, before the Members of Congress, and testified regarding coverage for family planning and contraceptives.
    7. Ivan is planning an attack on our flank.
    8. Roughly, the rule goes: if you have just swum, are planning to swim soon or are reasonably proximate to a place where others are swimming, then your budgie smugglers are perfectly acceptable.
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