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    1. Going forward we plan to leverage our core competencies to gain market share.
    2. You are behaving illogically. Your plan is emotionally sound, but not well thought out.
    3. ... but the plan came off the rails when infuriated Communists called it "ideological provocation" and warned against "kindling political confrontation
    4. I want to make sure we're all on the same page with the game plan for the Acme account.
    5. I think I'll take three pairs of shoes. Then again, I only plan to stay two days.
    6. He is now wealthily retired except for his activity as owner of the Marlins but he doesnt plan to stay permanent so he is considering "two or three" other enterprises.
    7. The plan can be projected on to a white board, [ … ] or by using a beamer (data projector).
    8. He had completed his plan to develop a new office building, but was blindsided by the sudden drop in real estate values.
  • Примеры plans
    1. The plans for the widget were drawn from whole cloth.
    2. ...plans and civil aviation divisions were established on the staff division level as A-5.
    3. The government announced its plans to axe public spending.
    4. As soon as he has the money to retire, he plans to leave the daily grind and travel more.
    5. “Unless you’ve actually lived through it personally, you don’t fully appreciate some of the nuances of the deaccumulation phase,” said Sheryl Garrett, founder of the Garrett Planning Network, which creates financial plans for middle-income people.
    6. I left the plans at the drop, like you asked.
    7. LeZ plans, in the future, to print these Cullings regularly, from foreign fanmags, or American mags of small circulation, in the belief that you might otherwise not see the material.
    8. We decided to forge ahead with our plans even though our biggest underwriter backed out.
    9. They made a big fuss about the wedding plans. ‎
  • Примеры planned
    1. He told the bartender, pointing at the bottle of scotch he planned to consume, "Leave it, I'm going to kill the bottle."
    2. They had planned to open another shop downtown, but their plan had a few kinks.
    3. For those who have never navigated “Fairways,” as some longbeards call the original store — there are satellites in Harlem and Brooklyn and on Long Island, with another planned for New Jersey — it is a low-ceilinged warren under pitiless fluorescents.
    4. The architect planned the building for the client. ‎
    5. They jointly planned the project in phases, with good detail for the first month. ‎
    6. They planned for the worst, bringing lots of emergency supplies. ‎
    7. The decommissioned Hearn power plant is the city's top site to build a long-overdue, four-pad arena to anchor a planned sports complex on the eastern portlands, Toronto Mayor David Miller said yesterday.
    8. The public took to the streets to protest over the planned change to the law. ‎
    9. Her church group has planned an adoption shower. ‎
    10. The former superspook confided to me that he planned to challenge Baker to a lie-detector test on what was labeled “Debategate.”
  • Примеры planning
    1. At least “in terms of being prebriefed or, having, you know, the normal planning process in which you build up to this days or weeks ahead of time.”
    2. The prevailing opinion was for additional planning time.
    3. The principal cause of the failure was poor planning.
    4. The financial planning profession as a whole now faces an uphill battle to overcome the reputational damage caused by one large bad apple.
    5. If you are planning to wear a see-through dress, wear something underneath.
    6. NASA has set Sept. 11, 2008, as the target date for launching a mission intended to revitalize the telescope and keep it spaceworthy into the next decade, according to a planning document made public by nasawatch.com , an independent Web site.
    7. Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting. ‎
    8. I had been planning every day through these years toward a universal car.
    9. His planning application was unprotested and passed by the committee.
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