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  • Примеры plan
    1. You won't hit more than three whoop-dee-doo ridges with the front wheel first without doing an endo, so that plan-ahead action is something you adapt to rather suddenly.
    2. A site plan is a to-scale drawing.
  • Примеры plans
    1. We decided to forge ahead with our plans even though our biggest underwriter backed out.
    2. They made a big fuss about the wedding plans. ‎
    3. Three or four issues of an OO, Night Action, were produced, but general gafiation ruined plans for what was essentially a DC-Michigan coalition.
    4. He plans to hire somebody to do the grunt work of digging the trenches for the pipes.
    5. “What are your plans now?” “I propose to hoik you out of that chair and seat myself in it and take that book, the early chapters of which I found most gripping, and start catching up with my reading and try to forget.”
    6. What are your plans for the holiday season?
    7. The news that a hurricane had destroyed our beach house killed our plans to sell it.
    8. Those opposing the building plans were in the majority, so the building project was canceled.
    9. make plans;  made a questionable decision
    10. Although no judge will be assigned until the case is filed, court officials are creating plans for a separate computer server devoted to G.M.’s filing, which will be an even bigger megacase than Chrysler, which received that designation in April.
  • Примеры planned
    1. The decommissioned Hearn power plant is the city's top site to build a long-overdue, four-pad arena to anchor a planned sports complex on the eastern portlands, Toronto Mayor David Miller said yesterday.
    2. The public took to the streets to protest over the planned change to the law. ‎
    3. Her church group has planned an adoption shower. ‎
    4. The former superspook confided to me that he planned to challenge Baker to a lie-detector test on what was labeled “Debategate.”
    5. My family planned to take pictures from the ground as I overflew them in the hot air balloon.
    6. He speaks about working with craftsmen to recarve both wood and plaster at the New Amsterdam Theater, and he is the project manager for the Theater for a New Audience, which is planned for a site near the Brooklyn Academy of Music.
    7. Many projects were planned and started, but none saw the light of day.
    8. They had planned it as a surprise party, but somebody spilled the beans.
    9. “Then he planned to kill you, and take over himself as governor.” “Hah, in a pig's eye,” said Nasty Three.
    10. A principle of fiscal Hawkery was to never allow a planned deficit.
  • Примеры planning
    1. “People began to prefer umlessness in public speaking and conversation around the same time that they began to value order, organization, planning and efficiency in an increasingly complex and urbanizing society,” he writes.
    2. Does this have anything to do with the party you were planning?
    3. I was planning it as a surprise, but I think he is on to me.
    4. I was planning to take care of the problem for him, but he beat me to the punch and did it himself.
    5. They were engaged last month! They're planning to have the wedding next year. ‎
    6. Let's kick off this project with a planning meeting. ‎
    7. We're planning to recarpet the dining room.
    8. They are planning to shut down the entire building at the end of the month.
    9. the making of the film; the forging of the sword took several hours of planning, preparation, and metalwork
    10. We're planning on going on a trek up Kilimanjaro.
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