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  • Примеры not yet
    1. He has never yet been late for an appointment;   I’m not yet wise enough to answer that;   Have you finished yet? ‎
    2. I've yet to see him. — I have not yet seen him. ‎
    3. I had yet to go to a convention. — I had not yet gone to a convention. ‎
    4. He seemed yet to be convinced. — He seemed not yet to have been convinced. ‎
    5. In the clip, Dave Mustaine (our hero of the story, yet not yet "an hero") is shown recording "Through the Darkest Hour" a song about wanting to kill yourself because your bird left you.
    6. But I am not yet persuaded that Clintonomics will make much of a dent in the persistent problems of unemployment in the U.S. economy.
    7. Billy being too poor to own a car, had hired a cheap flivver for the day, and was purposely ten minutes behind the time, but to his disgust found the procession not yet started.
    8. Passifan: The "unawakened" Fan, interested now only in reading the magazines and books; not yet participating in any activities.
    9. He's not yet well known, but he's a good stumper.
    10. Ferdinand not yet recovered from the painful surprize
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