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    1. Hence there resulted a division of the membership of the brotherhood into two classes, the practical and theoretic, or, as they are more commonly called, the operative and speculative, or “domatic” and “geomatic."
    2. The recently liberated European states east of the Oder-Neisse line, seeking not only entry into NATO but membership in the Union club as well, had to be more circumspect, moreEuropean” so to speak, more Catholic than the pope
    3. Nonsalary benefits include membership of the company gym.
    4. Membership of this golf club is limited to those of quality and wealth.
    5. from 1945 through 1991;  the numbers 1 through 9;  your membership is active through March 15, 2013 ‎
    6. The membership is predominantly elderly, 90% are over age 60.
    7. Regardless how many other people may have voted to approve a candidate for membership, a single blackball will reject the candidate. ‎
    8. With membership limited strictly to "veterans of the late unpleasantness," the GAR encouraged the formation of Allied Orders to aid them in its various works.
    9. The terms of membership agreement were vague.
    10. He has memberships in clubs in three cities.
  • Примеры memberships
    1. These include such delectables as cars and drivers, country club memberships and personal use of corporate aircraft.
    2. He has memberships in clubs in three cities.
    3. The memberships of the state chapters elect delegates to the national convention.
    4. Although there may be different bases for group entitativity in non-Western contexts, Yuki et al. (2005) observe that this does not undermine the significance of group memberships for cognition and behavior.
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