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    1. It is unlikely that any member of the hominin clade was either an obligate herbivore or an obligate carnivore
    2. The command member("Cat").hilite=TRUE will set the hilite of member "Cat" to True.
    3. Kirk Stan founding artist member of the Contemporary gallery and Edward L. Carroll the Church Drama guild pitched a hooray for hollywood costume party
    4. I was a member of Spenser house when I was at school. ‎
    5. His imagination makes him a valuable team member.
    6. It was upon his return to London that Bok learned, through the confidence of a member of the British “inner circle,” the amazing news that the war was practically over: that Bulgaria had capitulated and was suing for peace; ...
    7. The governor of West Java, a member of the Prosperous Justice Party, tried to ban a dance called jaipong, deeming it too erotic, but many people view it as part of their cultural heritage.
    8. As of 1st January 2007 the European Union will have 27 member states.
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    1. Johnson et al. conclude, then, that tapetails, bignoses and whalefishes are in fact larvae, males and females of members of the family Cetomimidae.
    2. The documentary traces the Foo Fighters’ ceaseless touring and chapters of internal drama that you’d hardly expect from a band that looked as though its members were having so much fun in their spoofball music videos.
    3. We don't have enough Scullyangst with dead family members and terminal brain cancer?
    4. It was a superdepressing message to Steele’s fellow party members north of the Mason-Dixon line: Good for you in saddling yourself with a toxic political affiliation out of principle.
    5. In MEROPS, MA clan members are grouped into the MA(E) and MA(M) subclans, commonly termed as gluzincins and metzincins, respectively.
    6. At a postpreview notes session last week, Mr. Schumacher sat surrounded by cast members in a semicircle, like a shepherd and his flock.
  • Примеры membered
    1. a five-membered ring
    2. N-substituted pyrroles are much less reactive than the other 5-membered 1,3-dienes; no reaction was observed between N-(trimethylsilyl) pyrrole or N-benzylpyrrole with Smith’s diene (4) under thermal or high pressure (4 days at 14 kbar) conditions, even in the presence of Lewis acids.
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