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  • Примеры indicate
    1. These results indicate that the perturbation of intercellular junctions and the deciliation of tubular cells generated by FSS are independent from F-actin rearrangement.
    2. This may indicate that lignin-modifying enzymes in vivo are not able to depolymerise PSS, and perhaps also do not efficiently decompose other unreactive synthetic polymers.
    3. Together, these data indicate that entolimod is a highly promising potential life-saving treatment for victims of radiation disasters.
    4. Ethnographic and ethnohistorical studies indicate the possibility that Huichols derive from various groups who settled in the Sierra Madre Occidental.
    5. The presence of embryos in the arthrodire Incisoscutum indicate that internal fertilization was the main reproductive mode for this species, and that viviparity could have evolved in other eubrachythoracid arthrodires.
    6. These concordances have been filmset, a process by which material is composed on film guided by appropriate programs that sense in the input stream "escape codes" which indicate a change in type font, size, or special characters.
    7. The findings indicate that both forms of homonegativity are prevalent in Europe.
    8. The postcranial elements, which are rarely associated with hyainailourine specimens, indicate an animal capable of a plantigrade stance and adapted for terrestrial locomotion.
  • Примеры indicates
    1. What you just said clearly indicates impulsive speech, which is not listening to me because you're only thinking of what you want to say next. If you had listened, you would've known to say something other than that.
    2. This milkshake under the oil cap, or on the dipstick, indicates a blown head gasket.
    3. 1/63,360 or 1:63,360 indicates a scale of one inch to the mile
    4. The sharp sign indicates that the pitch of the note is raised a half step. ‎
    5. Door swing indicates direction the door opens. ‎
    6. At this point overfiring begins, as is shown particularly by the volume curve, which indicates decided bloating, so that at 1450°C the clay has about the same volume it had at 1050°C before vitrification took place.
    7. That beeping sound indicates that the truck is backing up. ‎
    8. Great prostration of strength indicates the use of stimulants. ‎
    9. This result indicates that in fact, the three cell lines are responsive to this biolipid.
  • Примеры indicated
    1. As indicated by fMRI, during facial emotional categorization young females with major depressive disorder, MDD, exhibit hyperactivation, whereas young males display hypoactivation in the precuneous brain area [65 ].
    2. The postulated mechanism for the reaction of coumarin 4 as an antioxidant, as indicated in Fig 3 , relies on the mercapto hydrogen atom (bold), which is under the influence of resonance and inductive effects.
    3. We identify a topologically driven nonequilibrium phase transition, which is indicated by the nonanalyticity of the Hall conductance as a function of the energy gap m_f in the post-quench Hamiltonian H_f.
    4. Each condition had five blocks of data, which were comprised of controls, nonCF Pa, mucoid Pa and nonmucoid Pa (Pa was either live cells or spent culture filtrates as indicated).
    5. Family affiliations are indicated for nonpinniped species.
    6. Preliminary studies had indicated that parthenin and phenylheptatriene, the major metabolites in P.
    7. Furthermore, the KRMP mRNA expression level was found to be significantly higher than other genes, except for the shematrin matrix protein family, which indicated that KRMPs may play important roles in shell formation [12 , 14 ].
  • Примеры indicating
    1. The ethyl acetate extract of QTYC-45 and sterile QTYC-45 exhibited a difference in retention time of 10.8 min (S3 Fig , peak marked with*), indicating that the compound (10.8 min, peak marked with *) was produced by the endofungal bacteria itself.
    2. A training device for tactually indicating to a player whether the player's hand has properly gripped the handle of a racket for forehanded play and for backhanded play
    3. High serum concentration of globotriaosylsphingosine (lyso-Gb3), indicating the presence of deacylated Gb3, has been observed in patients with FD [4 ].
    4. In heterodisomic UPD, two distinct homologous chromosomes are received from one parent, indicating that an error took place during meiosis I.
    5. Reduction in levels of these biomarkers correlated with reduction in stroke risk (lower TCD velocity), indicating a possible role for hypercoagulation in SCD associated stroke.
    6. This strain never turned red, indicating that β -carotene was not hyperproduced by this strain.
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