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  • Примеры form
    1. Chimpanzees are known to form bands to hunt and kill other monkeys. ‎
    2. You get the negation of a proposition if you insert "not" (or some equivalent expression) into it in such a way as to form a contradictory of it.
    3. “Dance is not an ephemeral art form,” said Sandra Aberkalns, the senior staff notator at the bureau.
    4. This collection will form the nucleus of a new library.
    5. Juggling is a form of object manipulation.
    6. The angles of any two of the tetrahedra ABCD, A′B′C′D′, and OO′O″O‴ form the angles of a complete syngrammatic octangle whose syngrammatic points are the angles of the other tetrahedron [ …]
    7. If a vector is a 1-column matrix then a corresponding one-form would be a 1-row matrix.
    8. An overvote that took the form of punching Gore's chad and then writing his name (or Lieberman's) in the place for a write-in candidate would unambiguously manifest the voter's intention to vote for Gore.
  • Примеры forms
    1. "The laughter of man is more terrible than his tears, and takes more forms: hollow, heartless, mirthless, maniacal..." – James Thurber
    2. I'm expected to live in a world where [ …] forms have no or few options for non-binary people, where finding a GP who understands my non-binary needs and identity is a challenge.
    3. The new proposal, which passed 76 to 69, would require voters to produce photo identification or two forms of nonphoto ID at a polling place.
    4. Traditional mass media, both print and broadcast, are forms of one-to-many communications.
    5. With opt-out forms, take care to uncheck all unwanted selections.
    6. In the Semitic languages, paragogic letters are added to the ordinary forms of words to express additional emphasis or a change in the meaning.
  • Примеры formed
    1. Those two are incessantly flattering one another. They've formed an utterly nauseating mutual admiration society!
    2. The horizontal neatlines were formed by lines of latitude.
    3. Number fields are typically formed by adjoining algebraic integers to the field of rational numbers.
    4. In response to the crisis, the nations in the region formed an organization.   If you want to be part of this organization, you have to follow its rules. ‎
    5. In particular, paleofields as high as 300 μT have been reported from the Allende meteorite that formed more than 4.5 x109 years ago
    6. The active periphrastic conjugation in Latin is formed by using the future active participle and the appropriate form of esse.
    7. When ridges occur along both longitudinal and transverse joints, outlining the insulation boards, the pattern formed is known as "picture framing"
  • Примеры forming
    1. This effect, combined with variation of effective false positive rate of the cluster-forming threshold over permutations, could explain this slight anticonservativeness.
    2. However, during the 1950s through to the 1970s the removal of the partition forming part of the enclosure to the box bed recesses to increase the size of rooms was common.
    3. Presynaptic proteins that promote vesicle release aggregate at active zones, forming the cytomatrix at the active zone (CAZ).
    4. Holding hands and forming a human daisy chain of peace, love and understanding is about as high on the list of priorities of today's fest-goer as remembering to pack a cummerbund.
    5. Well-to-do citizens, both Reformed and Catholic, also backed down and withdrew their demands, forming a united front to suppress the revolt in the cities, either through hardhandedness or appeasement.
    6. This finding prompted us to look into the mushroom forming homobasidiomycete S.
    7. In Elvish, nasal infixion is a frequent means of forming derivatives from roots.
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