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    1. The style and content of RockSound's editing (especially the "pro-guilt" stuff and dancing on the edge of NLT) is very reminiscent of two indeffed users, Zlykinskyja and PhanuelB.
    2. You should download the 1.9 version of that video editing software, it is the latest stable version. The version 2.0 is beta, it has more features but is known to freeze randomly. ‎
    3. I feel really washed out after all that editing.
    4. The ad was sent back for re-editing after a discontinuity in the flow was identified in the Flow of Attention results.
    5. As with dinner-table discussions, it is best to avoid editing articles about politics or religion unless one wishes to become entrenched in a perpetual edit war.
    6. The frequency of intraframes determines the frequency of random access points for non-linear playback or editing.
    7. It's really not so hard, once you know the nuts and bolts of the editing process.
    8. ASHES OF TIME REDUX The Hong Kong stylist Wong Kar-wai has retrofitted his 1994 martial arts fantasia with a digital recolorization, some re-editing and a new score featuring Yo-Yo Ma.
    9. I keep a dictionary around when editing this Wiki.
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