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    1. A brief assessment tool has been recently designed to identify patients with high levels of sedentarism and low daily PA (Rapid Assessment Disuse Index-RADI).
    2. Let alone live in a house designed with the delicate curves of a butterfly wing, like one Victorian superhouse overlooking the wilds of the Bass Strait.
    3. But even if we find it easy to accept that in such circumstances a professional person could rightmindedly engage in activities designed to sexually arouse a person with learning difficulties, there are other ethical issues that might arise in relation, for example, to the question of whether such work should be thought of as teaching or therapy or treatment, and the effects it might have on both the worker and the recipient.
    4. Based on the representation of WPGs, an effective algorithm for determining the new reconstructibility of BCNs is designed with the help of the theories of finite automata and formal languages.
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