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    1. The word create is dieretic, whereas creature is synaeretic.
    2. We installed a dividing wall in order to create two rooms out of one.
    3. For another trigger, the Department of Homeland Security must create a new, fraudproof system to verify the legal status of all job applicants.
    4. Matte painting is a tool that filmmakers can use to create a scene that is either too impractical, too costly or simply too impossible to achieve with conventional cinematographic means.
    5. The new wrap is short on words and seems to exist primarily to create a front-page ad space (all the rage now) and to tie the mediacentric front of the newspaper to its back, where real estate is now treated as other tabloids treat sports.
    6. Trump Plaza is among the six casinos that have chosen to create nongambling smokers’ lounges.
    7. "The painting uses polylineal writing to create a brown texture over the lower third of the canvas."
  • Примеры creates
    1. The potlatcher creates such obligations; he is making others render unto him in the future.
    2. In contrast, the puca (faeries) of Celtic folklore instill a similar psychological fear in those who believe in them just as the devil in Christianity creates fear in Christians
    3. Force socialization rarely creates strong friendships, but there are exceptions.
    4. His uncooperative attitude creates a difficult state of affairs for all of us.
    5. This process of misrecognizing one's self in the image in the mirror creates the ego, the entity that says 'I.'
    6. Throughout, du Boucheron steers clear of overpsychologizing, staying true to the medieval worldview even as he slyly creates a modern morality tale.
    7. The virtual absence of white in Mr. Whitney’s work creates a great visual heat and internal pressure — an alloverness that reflects his careful study of Pollock — but, of course, it also has symbolic overtones.
    8. The fracturing of the system into opaque datastores and analytics blocks creates a strong positive feedback loop and has a significant negative impact on the stability, transparency and freedom of the network.
  • Примеры created
    1. There are some brilliant new approaches being created at grass roots level, but it is taking a long time for them to filter up to the larger institutions.
    2. There a baron was created and seised by the king in a single act. His tenure was a function of his personal relationship with his lord king.
    3. They created the better chances while Boro, looking every inch a troubled team, rarely looked like avoiding a third successive goalless home draw.
    4. I and many others around the world are of the strong belief that the universe was created by a Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    5. Whatever any hon. Member in any part of the Committee thinks about the advisability of this Bill, they all wish the Force that eventually is created to be an efficient one and not a Fred Karno's army.
    6. Susan Easton, a graphic designer and entrepreneur who created Koneko’s branding, including its emoticonlike logo, had also fallen hard for Bryant.
    7. Wanna bet the families can't afford the damages created by their goldensprog?
    8. As an application of KillerRed to a PDT approach, a recombinant immunophotosensitizer was created by conjugating KillerRed with a humanized monoclonal antibody, and its anti-tumor effectiveness has been demonstrated in vitro [10 ].
  • Примеры creating
    1. Some warn of creating a clubby group of superbureaucrats.
    2. We're making conditions unsafe for children and also creating a situation where there's more unemployment for working families.
    3. LDS filmmakers had reacted against Hollywood's stereotypes but only succeeded in creating their own, and some detractors pejoratively dismissed the entire Mormon film movement as "Mollywood".
    4. I'd almost forgotten, but your first arrangements were creating four-handed pieces we could play together.
    5. The mechanistical action of trabectedin on the cell cycle is dependent on its binding to DNA and eventually creating DNA double-strand breaks that alter the normal function of DNA repair and transcription processes resulting in cell cycle arrest.
    6. MUC2 is a highly glycosylated, multimerizing protein and the main structural mucus component, creating net-like sheets that stack upon each other after secretion, thus forming a sieving mucus structure that is normally impenetrable to bacteria [11 ,14 ].
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