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    1. I've been corresponding with my German pen pal for three years.
    2. Interactive programs let the users enter choices and invoke the corresponding routines.
    3. The first time the wall was poured, the seams in the form (which produced corresponding lines in the concrete) were mislocated.
    4. a delimitative pause in speech, corresponding to a comma in writing
    5. Bring the star again to the eastern and western parts of the horizon—observe the two points of the ecliptic then on the western edge of the horizon—and the two corresponding days, will be the days of the star's acronical rising and setting.
    6. For identification of the pathogen, a slide agglutination test with the corresponding antiplasma was used.
    7. [ … ] to overcome the paging network limitation on the amount of data that may be sent to a single address, or capcode in paging terminology, messages are sent on groups of pooled addresses and received at the user end on corresponding pools of addresses.
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