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    1. The hills here, and indeed all the heathy grounds in general, abound with the sweet-smelling plant which the Highlanders call gaul, and (I think) with dwarf juniper in many places.
    2. The term heavy normally follows the call-sign when used by air traffic controllers.
    3. So there will be three massless (or nearly massless, if there is some breaking of the new O(4) symmetry) "dark" Nambu-Goldstone bosons I call k, as well as a new massive Higgs-like boson called S.
    4. They said they would call us in a week. ‎
    5. Do you think it was a ladyish, afternoon call, another-cup-of-tea-please apparition that visits your Professor Cranks and that journalist chap you are always talking about?
    6. A leaked memo from Downing Street reports that the Prime Minister is planning to call a general election next week.
    7. The left panel shows the profile of a portfolio consisting of longing a call and shorting a put.
  • Примеры calls
    1. A paper-over-board book based on a new technology that its inventor, the author, calls “scanimation”: mimicking the effect of a kinetoscope, the pictures of animals, birds and fish seem to move with extraordinary naturalism.
    2. Cleaning up after identity theft can be a nightmare of phone calls and letters.
    3. On the other hand, Bradley the noncandidate is now willing to recognize as a “potential approach” to the health care crisis what he calls Medicare for All — that is, socialized medicine.
    4. But Representative Ron Paul of Texas, who calls himself a paleolibertarian, came closest.
    5. Polite dinner calls for persiflage rather than in-depth possibly offensive discussion.
    6. The company will pick up lunch with customers for sales calls. ‎
    7. std::for_each  calls the given function on each value in the input range. ‎
  • Примеры called
    1. The newspaper never called him "the murderer", always "the alleged murderer", but the alienans adjective didn't help very much: the word "murderer" is all people saw.
    2. Movement of mitochondria and other cell parts from a neuron's cell body toward the synapse is called anterograde transport.
    3. The weakness exists within culture itself, in the form of certain desires, dreams, and deliriums called up by "entertainment," mass culture, by certain types of antiart.
    4. The company’s unlikely success —— it has only one other product, an antihangover pill called Chaser —— has forced the big beverage makers to play catch-up.
    5. "They said that I had contacted foreign media and called me anti-China, antipeople and antiparty."
    6. In New Jersey’s smallest municipalities, whose state aid has been slashed in an attempt to prod them into consolidating with neighboring communities, some residents called the budget cuts antirural.
    7. And one-quarter of teenagers in relationships say they have been called names or harassed by their partner through cellphones and text messages, according to a study commissioned by the clothing company Liz Claiborne , which sponsors antiviolence programs.
    8. In a review in The Guardian, the author Paul Theroux, himself a beekeeper, called the book a masterwork “for its enormous scope and exhaustiveness, for being an up-to-date treasure house of apiaristic facts.”
  • Примеры call'd
    1. When they cross any great Water, or violent Fresh, or Torrent, they throw Tobacco, Puccoon, Peak, or some other valuable thing, that they happen to have about there, to intreat the Spirit presiding there, to grant them a safe passage. It is call'd a Fresh, when after very great Rains, or (as we suppose) after a great Thaw of the Snow and Ice lying upon the Mountains Page 43 to the North West, the Water descends, in such abundance into the Rivers, that they overflow the Banks which bound their Streams at other times.
    2. France was at such a Pinch..that they call'd their Ban and Arriere Ban, the assembling whereof had been long discussed, and in a manner antiquated.
    3. Glow-worms, lanthorn-flys may be call'd a living phosphorous
  • Примеры calling
    1. London calling, now don't look to us / Phony Beatlemania has bitten the dust
    2. The pipe has cacked up again, so I'm calling a plumber.
    3. Mum did her nut after we stayed out all night without calling her.
    4. And I don't give a fuck if calling the pope a motherfucker / means you unthinkingly brand me an unthinking apostate.
    5. It has previously given tours to select Olympia visitors, but this year it will try to accommodate anyone who prebooks the service (by calling 011-44-77-98-88-1383).
    6. The mayor of the little town rolled out the red carpet for new businesses by calling on them personally.
    7. As soon as I straighten out which of the twins is which, I'll start calling them by their names.
    8. Philip takes a dim view of people calling him "Flip".
    9. I strongly dislike the idea of calling one of my OFCs "Mary Sue". It's too negative a connotation, and one that I try diligently to avoid.
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