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    1. Fat Tuesday is our Mardi Gras, a sort of Polish St. Patrick’s Day, with Hamtramck in place of the French Quarter and paczki (pronounced POONCH-kee) in place of green beer.
    2. All helmeted and pumped-up, dedicated pedallers raced through the St. Lawrence Market neighbourhood in the second annual Toronto Criterium yesterday, one of four major cycling events in the province this weekend.
    3. A quartet of porphyry warriors, locked for all time in stern embrace outside St. Mark's Basilica, were probably carved in the Fourth Century. They are believed to represent the Roman Emperor Diocletian and the three men who held power with him.
    4. St Paul's Cathedral and Buckingham Palace were built with Portland stone.
    5. St Mary's has a ring of eight bells.
    6. The Flower and Dean St rookery had been home to many of those who lived at least partly by street crime.
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