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  • Таксо́н (лат. taxon, мн. ч. taxa; от др.-греч. Учение о принципах и практике классификации и систематизации называется таксономией.
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    1. (taxonomy) Any of the taxonomic categories, such as phylum or subspecies.
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        • However, in that taxon the surface of the basioccipital between the occipital condyle and the basal tubera is not excavated as in MCCM-HUE-1667 and lacks the subcondylar recess or foramen.
        • In addition to genetic manipulation, the interspecific and intraspecific variation in Se accumulation within plant taxa may be exploited for biofortifying food crops [4].
        • Studies of seed morphology with SEM have revealed taxonomically useful microcharacters to support the delimitation of individual or groups of taxa [75 ].
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        • The abundance and original nature of the specimens prompted us to undertake a deep survey of both morphological and molecular traits aiming at a reliable systematisation of the new taxon.
        • We developed and tested a DNA metabarcoding protocol that utilises the standard cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (COI) barcoding fragment to detect freshwater macroinvertebrate taxa.

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