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Tдизайн WПроектирование
  • Проектирование — процесс определения архитектуры, компонентов, Проектирование, наряду с анализом требований, является частью большой стадии жизненного цикла системы, Проектирование системы направлено на представление системы, соответствующее предусмотренной цели,
  • Существительное (Noun)PLdesignsPREdés-
    1. A plan (with more or less detail) for the structure and functions of an artifact, building or system.
      1. A pattern, as an element of a work of art or architecture.
        1. The composition of a work of art.
          1. Intention or plot.
            1. The shape or appearance given to an object, especially one that is intended to make it more attractive.
              1. He turned back to the scene before him and the enormous new block of council dwellings. The design was some way after Corbusier but the block was built up on plinths and resembled an Atlantic liner swimming diagonally across the site.
            2. The art of designing.
              1. Danish furniture design is world-famous.
          2. Глагол (Verb)SGdesignsPRdesigningPT, PPdesigned
            1. VT To plan and carry out (a picture, work of art, construction etc.).
              1. The huge square box, parquet-floored and high-ceilinged, had been arranged to display a suite of bedroom furniture designed and made in the halcyon days of the last quarter of the nineteenth century, when modish taste was just due to go clean out of fashion for the best part of the next hundred years.
            2. OBS VI To plan (to do something).
              1. The king designed to mount an expedition to the New World.
            3. OBS VT To assign, appoint (something to someone); to designate.
              1. OBS VT To mark out and exhibit; to designate; to indicate; to show; to point out; to appoint.
              2. Другие примеры
                1. Используется в середине предложения
                  • Most manufacturers of wirelines will construct specially designed armored electrical conductor wirelines for unique downhole operations.
                  • This machine stamps the design into the metal cover.
                  • In a fittingly modern use of mosaic tile, Tord Boontje pixelates his signature floral designs in a new collection of storage furniture for Bisazza Home.
                2. Используется в завершении предложения
                  • There are felt cat beds, circular mats by Flor and minifutons, in an aesthetic more sophisticated than the carpet trees that tend to mark the pinnacle of cat design.
                  • The spade foot leg may be used as an alternate design.
                  • Disclaimer: While I admire the man's accomplishments, I am not a Teslaphile. That said, I am interested in help analysing the capabilities of Tesla's turbine design.

              Meaning of design for the defined word.

              Грамматически, это слово "design" является Существительные, более конкретно, Исчисляемое Существительное. Это также Глаголы, более конкретно, Непереходные глаголы и Переходные глаголы.
              • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
                1. Существительные
                  • Исчисляемое Существительное
                  • Глаголы
                    • Непереходные глаголы
                      • Переходные глаголы
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