completely это

  • Наречие (Adverb)COMmore completelySUPmost completelyPREcom-SUF-ly
    1. (manner) In a complete manner; fully; totally; utterly.
      1. (degree) To the fullest extent or degree; totally.
        1. I had occasion […] to make a somewhat long business trip to Chicago, and on my return […] I found Farrar awaiting me in the railway station. He smiled his wonted fraction by way of greeting, […], and finally leading me to his buggy, turned and drove out of town. I was completely mystified at such an unusual proceeding.
    2. Другие примеры
      1. Используется в середине предложения
        • They conducted the negotiations completely above board.
        • We also give characterizations of continuous posheaves and completely distributive posheaves, and show that an algebraic completely distributive posheaf is spatial..
        • The reputation of the elder Baron, although by all accounts justly merited, was destined to be completely thrown into the shade by that of his son [ …]

    Meaning of completely for the defined word.

    Грамматически, это слово "completely" является Наречия, более конкретно, Степень наречия и manner наречия. Это также Морфемы, более конкретно, Суффиксы.
    • Часть речи Иерархии (Part-of-Speech Hierarchy)
      1. Наречия
        • Степень наречия
          • Manner наречия
          • Морфемы
            • Суффиксы
              • Слова суффиксом
                • Words suffixed with -ly
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